Adding some big plushies

Hello everyone! It has been long since the last post, my apologies! About two weeks I did a poll on my intagram asking the people that follows me if  they would want me to try making some bigger plushies and if so, how big they should be And the answer was they did indeed wanted... Continue Reading →

Valentine gift?

Hallo hallo! Since the last days of january and this week some of my ex-classmates from the university contacted me to ask for custom made amigurumis Love in the air? ammm not sure but it is really fun thing that the classmates that doesn't contact you suddenly turn to you for these kind of events... Continue Reading →

Etsy update

Hello everyone! This week I have been taking new photos to update the listings in my shop, since my shop is still new I am not really sure of which type of photos should I use or to how should I take them to make them more appealing for others. Many of muy actual listings... Continue Reading →

12 In Luxray? Challenge accepted!

Hello everyone! As I was talking yesterday about how this year has been starting in a unique way, this past week just kept confirming it, last saturday got for some reason almost at the same time some custom orders from people who wanted their only and uniques amigurumis One was a order of a poliwhirl... Continue Reading →

Amigurumis only for you

Hello everyone! Last week I was pretty ocupied I had many custom orders and also normal orders! WOW it has been since the cyber monday sale that I had that many orders at once To add more one of the custom orders was a really special one a really big Luxray amigurumi! that one was... Continue Reading →

Kanto Starters

Hello everyone! These last days I have been working in the evolutions of the kanto starters Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle!! I had a lot of work since I had to make a lot of modifications to my actual pokemon amigurumi, like colors and for bulbasaur had to remake totally the design TmT Well so after... Continue Reading →

New designs arriving

Hello everyone! Todays post is about the new designs that are available in my etsy shop. Some of them you may have already saw them, my "short leged" eeveelution collection that was only for cotton yarn made, is now available in my normal acrylic yarn versions! This is because I noticed people liked more the... Continue Reading →

Starting the year, unique

  Hi everyone! Since I got a little bit of time I decided to write about the first orders that I have got in this 2018, something curios is that the 3 amigurumis I have sold so far all of them were with some little extras or customized xD The first one was a mimikyu,... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! Did you share some good time with your friends and family? hope you did 😀 This  2018 lets do our best! Since this last week I had vacations from my work after much time I spent the days just rolling in my bedroom reading, watching some series and making some modifications... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas!

  Hallo hallo! Merry Christmas everyone! This 2017 has been a crazy year for me in many ways, but just as they say that after enduring the storm it comes the peace again I hope everyone had a great year and that you are sharing good time with your loved ones In my family we... Continue Reading →

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