About me

Hello there! nice to meet you!

I am Isl! (yeah I know, how do you read it? well it is suposed to be writen like this Iseul, but for some misterious reasons my parents wrote it like that when I was born kkk) and I am a Korean born in Mexico

Well I am a full time worker but also a crochet lover, so I am used to crochet whenever I have free time!

Have been crocheting for almost two years now and also have an online shop on Etsy, check it out, I think you would like it 🙂

I mostly crochet animated characters like pokemon, digimon, and some anime characters like those of Ghibli Studio, all the patterns are made by myself, or at the very least they just pop out from my head as I am making them… so rarely write down those patterns… maybe just some scribbles in some paper I had at hand at the moment LOL

Almost every amigurumi I make are pocket sized from 4 to 5 inches tall, the reason… well mainly because I like to collect things so if they are way to big, there is no space in my room to keep them, I already have lots of troubles with the ones I have at the moment.

Well I hope you will like this little blog I made to share with everyone some of the works I have made till now 😀 I try to write once a week but sometimes I don’t have much time for writing so mainly I am on instagram, you can find me as @haniscrochet

Thank you so much for reading! See you soon 🙂 bye bie~

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