Welcome to Hanis crochet!

Hi there! I am Isl nice to meet you 🙂

I am a Korean born in Mexico, I like to read, cook, taking care of my two dogs and also I knit and crochet when I have free time 😀

I am a full time worker but also like to make amigurumis in the little free times I have on night haha, have a little online shop on etsy that I just started last year

I started this blog to share some of the projects I work on, since I just started still don’t have lots of post you can read, but step by step here we are making this small project

I am mostly on instagram if you want to check my lastest designs, I try to write every week but sometimes I get lazy or have work on weekends TnT I am sorry

Also started this blog to keep practicing my english, since it is difficult once you get out of school and don’t want to forget what I have learned xD

I will try to keep simple the posts I write here, if you have any question I will be glad to help you, Also have a facebook page, but I mostly repost what I do on instagram so I would suggest you to talk me through there

Have fun! 😀 and welcome to my humble blog!


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